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Cover Image: Improving Building Performance: A Guide to Energy Efficiency Technologies

Improving Building Performance: A Guide to Energy Efficiency Technologies

Executive Summary

This white paper is intended to give building owners and operators a roadmap on reducing the energy consumption of their buildings. In many cases, knowing where to start is part of the challenge, and sometimes the allure of renewables, retrofits and even conservation efforts deflect attention from simply optimizing the existing building first. The pages that follow will outline an ordered approach to getting started and set the stage for deeper research on defining building performance goals and prioritizing implementation measures that achieve those objectives. This white paper will begin in Section 1: Getting Started with a discussion about why building owners interested in maximizing internal rate of return (IRR), should care about energy efficiency. In Section 2: A Plan for Implementation we provide a systematic order of intervention measures that can achieve the highest return for the lowest cost. In Section 3: The Deep Retrofit: Using Capital Wisely we highlight how to go from energy efficiency measures that reduce consumption from 5-20% to deeper retrofits that can improve efficiencies by up to 75% but require finance.
It is our conviction that implementing energy efficiency can be a rather straightforward process. This begins with optimizing what you have (energy efficiency), then changing the building (envelope, renewables, etc), asking occupants for behavioral modifications, and utilizing demand response methods. The white paper presents several companies that the Carbon War Room has worked with and believes represent best-in-class global technologies. Additionally, we use a real-life example throughout the paper to illustrate in practice what might otherwise seem theoretical.

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