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Cover Image: Creating Climate Wealth - UK 2011 PRE- READ

Creating Climate Wealth - UK 2011 PRE- READ

Executive Summary

Welcome to the Creating Climate Wealth | UK 2011 (CCW), jointly presented by the Carbon War Room and The Long Run Venture.

The Carbon War Room is delighted to be co-presenting the first CCW Summit in Europe with The Long Run Venture (TLRV)- who equip businesses to deliver faster commercial returns from sustainability. The Long Run Venture
believe that the low carbon transition is as much a human challenge as it is a technological and financial one. Transformational change requires us to tap into our collective know-how, appetite and imagination to find new ways to act.

Creating Climate Wealth is a great demonstration of this in action. The combined team is convening the most dynamic group of thinkers and doers in their fields and designed a facilitation process which aims to get the best out
of everyone. By partnering with the Technology Strategy Board we have brought together some of the UK’s key innovation agendas and pioneering entrepreneurs, as a route to creating climate wealth. Particular thanks also goes to the UCL Energy Institute and each of the co-chairs and for their considerable and valuable input into shaping the working tracks.

The team worked closely with the Technology Strategy Board to shape some of the key themes for CCW, in particular exploring the major role cities are playing in the acceleration of climate wealth solutions. With rapid rates
of urbanisation globally, cities are already where many of the challenges that we face are felt most acutely. It is also at the city level that we are seeing new opportunities and markets open up for climate wealth creators. As well as a City Systems track (see below), this is a theme that we shall explore together throughout our Creating Climate Wealth Summits over the coming 12 months, in our online groups and beyond.

The purpose of the Creating Climate Wealth (CCW) Summit is to identify specific pathways to accelerate deployment of renewable energy and clean-tech solutions in:

• Aviation and Renewable Fuels
• Energy Efficiency and the Built Environment
• Financial Innovation in the City
• Land Transportation and Service Fleets
• Ships and Shipping
• Sustainable Agriculture
• City Systems

We look forward to working with you to create innovative ideas for overcoming some the toughest challenges faced by clean-tech and renewable energy businesses of all sizes – and bringing you into our global Carbon War Room

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