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Cover Image: Creating Climate Wealth - Singapore 2013 PRE-READ

Creating Climate Wealth - Singapore 2013 PRE-READ

Executive Summary

Singapore is the ideal location for the first ever Creating Climate Wealth Summit in Asia. It stands as a beacon for the region; committing to reduce emissions by 16% by 2022, while supporting business development at the same time. For the last two decades, Singapore’s economy has grown while its energy- and carbon-intensity has fallen substantially – a model for our work around the world. Singapore also faces challenges of limited resources, like land and water that must support a booming population of ever-growing affluence.

CCW Singapore will focus on four industries:

• Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment,
• Maritime Shipping,
• Smart Cities System: M2M Technologies, and
• Waste-to-Energy Technologies.

For each of these sectors, our research finds that mature technologies exist which have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing strong returns on investment. Yet we also find that major market barriers are preventing those technologies from achieving widespread adoption, jeopardizing the world’s chance of meeting critical climate stabilization targets and constraining wealth creation.

We hope you enjoy CCW Singapore, and would like to thank our partners – Global Initiatives, the National University of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands; our media partners Pipeline Clean Energy and Eco-business; and a large number of supporters for their generosity.

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