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Cover Image: Creating Climate Wealth Germany - Berlin  2012 PRE-READ

Creating Climate Wealth Germany - Berlin 2012 PRE-READ

Executive Summary

Welcome to the Creating Climate Wealth Workshops, Germany 2012

Accelerating capital to profitable, scalable clean technology has never been more timely, as political paralysis in the world’s largest clean energy markets seriously impacts investment in clean energy. In the second quarter of 2012, project finance, mergers & acquisitions, and venture capital and private equity deal volumes all hit new lows.

Germany – the third largest exporter worldwide – has been the first big industrial country to shift towards renewables. Facilitated by feed-in tariffs and the German Renewable Energy Act, the country now enjoys over 25 gigawatts of domestic solar generation (despite relatively low sunlight levels), complemented by over 22,664 wind turbines generating 30,000 megawatts of power. With local small and medium-sized enterprises leading the world
in clean technology and a general public very much aware of the opportunities this fledgling market offers, Germany is now on the cusp of scaling clean technology across many more industries – and truly Creating Climate Wealth. For these reasons, Carbon War Room and TRIAD Berlin have come together with other great partners to bring ‘Creating Climate Wealth Workshops’ to Germany for the first time. And what better place to come to than the cradle of the country’s entrepreneurial spirit – Berlin, where the great names - Krupp, AEG, Siemens and Borsig began their corporate ascendancy through bold, risk-taking innovation.

Creating Climate Wealth Germany 2012 is a workshop-driven convening, comprising a unique mix of 200 motivated executives, investors, entrepreneurs and other leaders from both private and public sectors. The workshops aim to fast track the amazing wealth creation opportunity found in deploying profitable clean technologies at scale across industrial sectors. Over the course of two days attendees will collaborate within their elected working track groups to identify opportunities and develop strategies, overcoming market barriers and driving growth in the low-carbon economy. These strategies will then be published, serving as concrete operational pathways for all stakeholders invested in achieving profitable, substantial emissions reductions in these sectors. The seven working tracks are laid out on the page opposite.

Across industrial sectors, Carbon War Room finds that mature technologies exist that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing strong returns on investment. Yet we also find that major market barriers are preventing those technologies from achieving widespread adoption, jeopardizing the world’s chance of meeting critical climate stabilisation targets and constraining wealth creation. Year round, the Carbon War Room builds on the insights generated by Creating Climate Wealth attendees, with many becoming fully active operations (for more details, please visit The workshops also facilitate networking among attendees – much of its enduring value comes from the relationships and partnerships developed there. We hope that the strategies and solutions that come out of this summit will lead to concerted action by all summit attendees in these sectors going forward.

We hope you enjoy CCW Workshops Germany, Berlin and would like to thank our partner TRIAD Berlin; presenter VW Think Blue; sponsors AT & T, Avesco and Younicos; our media partner Pipeline Clean Energy; and a large number of supporters for their generosity.

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