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Cover Image: Creating Climate Wealth - Australia 2011 PRE-READ

Creating Climate Wealth - Australia 2011 PRE-READ

Executive Summary

Welcome to Creating Climate Wealth | Australia 2011.
Carbon War Room focuses on achieving billion tonne (gigatonne-scale) reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by harnessing entrepreneurship to unlock the largest wealth-creating opportunity of our generation. We plan to achieve this by bringing private capital together with emerging technology providers and local and central governments to drive environmental improvements alongside economic growth.

For several decades, billions of dollars have been invested in technology development in the areas of energy efficiency, low-carbon energy, efficient transportation, renewable fuels, and other areas. This investment has led to hundreds of breakthroughs that are cost effective today. Yet full commercial utilization of these innovations and their financial rewards still eludes us.

In some respects Australia is on the cutting edge of efforts to shift towards a low-carbon economy. While efforts to enact a scheme to cut emissions by 5 percent over ten years have consistently failed, the government plans to introduce a fixed price on carbon in 2012 and a full trading scheme by 2015. While these efforts are promising, lack of private investment in renewable energy and clean-tech remains the bottleneck to significant reductions in GHG emissions.

Increases in renewable energy capacity and clean-tech adoption have been low compared with other countries (Australia added 190 MW of Solar PV in 2010 – slightly less than Greece).1 In addition, the government estimates that total emissions will increase by 24 percent from 2000 levels by 2020. The purpose of the Summit is to identify specific pathways to accelerate deployment of renewable energy and clean-tech solutions in the face of low expectations and weak mandates. This invitation-only event provides a unique workshop-driven convening of executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the private and public sector to further operations and programs in:
• Distributed Generation
• Energy Efficiency
• Shipping, Freight and Supply Chain
• Aviation & Renewable Fuels
• Capital Quest
• Agriculture, Food and Carbon
• Construction Innovation

There is no Planet B™
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