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NEWS: Up to $400 billion of shipping debt represents unassessed climate risk exposure at major investment banks

Today, Carbon War Room (CWR) and UMAS released research that suggests climate transition pathways pose risks to the banks that hold $400 billion of global shipping debt. With the onset of climate policies as soon as 2023, there will be a need for significant capital investment to keep vessels competitive. Navigating Decarbonisation: An approach to evaluate shipping’s risks and opportunities associated with climate change mitigation policy lays out the first approach to climate stress-testing of shipping assets and proposes that enhanced due-diligence undertaken today by financiers, shipowners and shareholders can help deliver long-term value and avoid losses by the mid-2020s.

NEWS: Free Operational Efficiency Tool Launched on

NEWS: Efficient ships save millions but the market fails to reward the owners

Researchers from UCL Energy Institute (UCL) and Carbon War Room (CWR) today confirmed that vessels with high design efficiency leave millions in the pockets of fuel payers. However, the market often fails to reward owners of efficient vessels by way of premiums or preferential hiring. This does not help the industry’s efforts to meet the challenges of a low-carbon future, and could challenge regulations designed to reduce total industry emissions.

NEWS: Profit-Sharing Shipping Retrofit Deal Wins Business Green Award

At an award ceremony in London today, green media company Business Green presented its prestigious Energy Efficiency Project of the Year award to the landmark collaboration between shipowner Hammonia Reederei and charterer Intermarine, which was facilitated by a Carbon War Room (CWR) grant. The award recognises an innovative energy efficiency initiative that demonstrates clear financial payback. Judges were impressed by the deal’s ambition for 25 per cent fuel savings using multiple retrofit technologies on three vessels, and the unique contractual agreement that shares the risk and the profits between a shipowner and its charterer. Intermarine agreed to award Hammonia an above-market rate through an innovative retrofit clause in the charter-party agreement.

News: Landmark Multi-Technology Ship Retrofit Expected To Slash Fuel Use By 25 Percent

Carbon War Room (CWR) announced today that a collaboration between Hammonia Reederei, a Hamburg-based shipowner, and New Orleans-based charterer Intermarine, has enabled the retrofit of three sister vessels with multiple efficiency technologies. Under anticipated operating conditions, each vessel is expected to see 25 percent fuel savings, to be shared between Hammonia and Intermarine.

News: Carbon War Room Launches Shipping Efficiency Advisory Board

Six leaders and influencers from across the shipping industry will join global NGO Carbon War Room’s (CWR’s) Shipping Efficiency Advisory Board. Their backgrounds span the shipowning, chartering, technical analysis, finance, and academic worlds. The board will lend extensive industry insight and support CWR’s mission to profitably decarbonise the international shipping industry.

News: New Report States Wind Technology Can Yield Up To 60% Fuel Savings For Ships

Carbon War Room and University College London (UCL) Energy Institute have published a paper reviewing the opportunities and barriers to the adoption of wind technology in the international shipping industry, as part of their joint Shipping Innovation Fast Tracker (ShIFT) program. The study, published in the Journal of Marine Policy, is titled "Wind technologies: Opportunities and barriers to a low carbon shipping industry" and shows that economic barriers, such as risk and access to capital, are hindering adoption of this promising technology. Third-party capital, in combination with best-in-class data collection and analysis, offers one solution to overcoming these barriers.

NEWS: Will The United Nations Climate Summit Allow Shipping To Slip Under The Emissions Radar Twice?

Eighteen years after shipping was recognized under the Kyoto Protocol as an industry in need of emissions reductions, the Paris climate talks run the risk of letting the issue slip under the radar once again. When the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meets with world leaders at the Conference of Parties (COP21) at the end of this month, they will deliberate on whether to include shipping in the agreement.

NEWS: War Room Takes Home Top Honour At Shipping Efficiency Awards

As part of London International Shipping Week, Carbon War Room (CWR) was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Ship Efficiency Award at the Ship Efficiency Awards 2015. The award, determined by a public vote, honours the individual, company, or association that has made significant advances in improving the energy efficiency or environmental impact of the maritime industry. CWR was shortlisted for the award by a judging panel of industry experts, based on its success in driving profitable emission reductions within the shipping industry.

NEWS: Retrofit to Help Slash Fuel Bill for Shipowners and Charterers by 15%

Carbon War Room (CWR) today issued a request for proposals (RFP) to shipowners or charterers for a grant that will help finance a single-vessel retrofit with a bundle of proven technologies. The retrofit will result in a minimum fuel savings of 10–15%. Up to 200,000 USD will be granted by CWR to fund the installation of continuous monitoring equipment. CWR will also commission independent, third-party analysis of the collected data, which will verify the benefits of the multi-technology retrofit and provide a ‘proof of concept’ for the entire industry. CWR analysis of over 100 existing ships has shown that vessels can achieve efficiency gains of at least 10–15% by retrofitting with a bundle of proven energy efficiency technologies. These include advanced hull coatings, ducts, fins, and new propellers. This builds on a previous report by CWR, Hidden Treasure – Financial Models for Shipping Retrofits, which explored a viable financing model whereby repayment is tied directly to fuel savings.


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