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As waste decomposes it releases methane gas, which can be captured and used to generate energy.


There are several wastes that can be incinerated to generate energy, often resulting in a net reduction in emissions. There are a number of challenges that impede greater implementation of landfill gas recovery and waste-to-energy systems, including regulatory and technical issues. Waste to energy in particular faces a crisis of perception (many view waste incineration as polluting, when in fact it is usually the opposite), competition with landfills where land is abundant, and high upfront costs of building an incineration plant.


There is a great deal of opportunity for landfill gas recovery and waste to energy systems to reduce emissions from waste streams, and to generate revenues for companies implementing such systems. There are active markets for both capturing and using landfill gas and landfill emissions in developed countries.

A number of technology solutions for both material and water waste, including collection and transport, reuse and recycling, and treatment exist. Identifying ways to finance these projects will unlock technology markets.

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