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Industrial energy use accounts for 37% of global energy use and accounts for 19.4% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (IPCC 2007).


Industrial energy use has grown about 2% each year since 1975 according to the IPCC. About half of current industrial energy consumption can be attributed to the iron, steel, and chemical production sectors. Much of the growth in industrial energy demand has come from emerging economies. China accounts for about 80% of the growth in the last twenty-five years and is the world’s largest producer of iron, steel, ammonia, and cement, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).


The challenge Industry faces to reduce CO2e emissions can also be viewed as a major opportunity for reinvention that can spur innovation and ultimately lower total costs. Rising energy prices, regional emissions trading schemes, and increases in fuel price volatility are significant incentives for industry to increase energy efficiency, and thereby cut emissions. There is a major opportunity to reinvent global industrial processes and significantly improve efficiency in a range of industrial processes.

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