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The CWR finds that off-grid mines can greatly reduce their energy costs by introducing solar-diesel hybrid systems.

New Report: Sunshine for Mines

By Carbon War Room April 24, 2014
Distributed renewable energy offers emerging markets the opportunity to tackle the challenge of poor energy access, while reducing carbon emissions and improving the profit margins of various industries, including mining. A new report, produced by Carbon War Room in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, details a promising business model for the adoption of renewables by the mining industry. Read More.

News Bulletin: Pathways to Reducing Oil Consumption in the US

By Carbon War Room November 13, 2013
The Carbon War Room is pleased to share our latest insights into opportunities for profitably reducing carbon emissions. Along with this most recent report on oil consumption in the United States, a catalogue of our reports, which cover a range of issues from the brick-making industry of South Asia to the energy efficiency of the world's buildings, is included here. Read More.
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