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"We are getting to a place that is very exciting where we have price parity for renewables compared to conventional energy sources. We don't want to miss out on the opportunity." Alistaire Dick, Operation Lead, Sunshine for Mines

Sunshine for Mines Workshop at Energy and Mines Summit In London

By Carbon War Room January 13, 2016
Senior mining leaders and renewable energy experts will gather in London at the end of this month for a summit organized by Energy and Mines. The summit will provide a timely and strategic opportunity for mining and renewable energy leaders to network and discuss solutions for affordable and reliable power for global mining operations. Energy and Mines will hold three more summits this year around the world. The next summit will take place in Santiago, Chile, in late May. Remaining events include Johannesburg in July and Australia in September. Read More.

"There is strong evidence that properly maintained trucks will enjoy improved fuel economy." Mike Roeth, Operation Lead, Carbon War Room

Trucking Efficiency Report: Up to 10% Fuel Economy Improvements with Preventive Maintenance

By Carbon War Room December 15, 2015
Fleets need to maintain their vehicles to ensure safe and reliable performance, avoid costly breakdowns, and allow the vehicles to reach their maximum useful life. However, even a vehicle that is running safely and reliably can achieve fuel economy savings thanks to additional or better-optimized maintenance. The latest Confidence Report released today by Trucking Efficiency, a joint operation of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and Carbon War Room, explores the link between maintenance practices and fuel economy. Read More.

"Mines have a tremendous business opportunity to make solar PV a significant core part of their energy portfolio. We are priviledged to partner with Energy & Mines to convene the industry and collaboratively advance low-carbon solutions." Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room

Energy and Mines and Sunshine For Mines Announce Partnership For Upcoming Summit

By Carbon War Room December 3, 2015
Energy and Mines, the leading information source and networking platform for renewables for mines, and Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room, an independent nonprofit that merged in 2014 and which focuses on market-based, low-carbon energy solutions, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership for the upcoming Energy and Mines London Summit taking place on January 28–29 at the Hilton Tower Bridge. Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room are hosting a half-day Sunshine for Mines workshop in association with Energy and Mines London Summit, which will bring together senior mining executives and renewables experts to develop collaborative solutions for accelerating deployment of onsite renewables for mines. The focus of this workshop is on breaking down the barriers preventing development of renewable energy systems at mining sites. Read More.

"The world needs to be carbon neutral by 2050. This can and has to be achieved by governments, business and others coming together to create an energy revolution. The Breakthrough Energy Coalition will help make this a reality." Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Carbon War Room and Chairman of Virgin Group

Bill Gates Launches Multi-Billion-Dollar Clean Energy Coalition at COP21

By Carbon War Room December 1, 2015
Heads of state of 20 countries, including the U.S., UK, China, India, France, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and United Arab Emirates announced a doubling of national research and development (R&D) spend to $20 billion on the energy solutions of the future. This initiative is open to other countries to join, and builds on the G7 announcement earlier this year. At the same time, Bill Gates announced that 25 billionaires including Ratan Tata, George Soros, Sir Richard Branson, Tom Steyer, Julian Robertson, Nat Simons, Chris Hohn, Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, John Doerr, and others have launched an investment coalition called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to take the energy technologies of the future through early-stage development and the valley of death to the path to commercialization. Read More.
“Despite the global goal of 2°C and the rate of expected growth in shipping, it remains very uncertain as to what direction emissions regulation will take.,” says Victoria Stulgis, Senior Associate of Carbon War Room’s Shipping Efficiency Operation.

“Despite the global goal of 2°C and the rate of expected growth in shipping, it remains very uncertain as to what direction emissions regulation will take.,” says Victoria Stulgis, Senior Associate of Carbon War Room’s Shipping Efficiency Operation.

NEWS: Will The United Nations Climate Summit Allow Shipping To Slip Under The Emissions Radar Twice?

By Carbon War Room November 29, 2015
Eighteen years after shipping was recognized under the Kyoto Protocol as an industry in need of emissions reductions, the Paris climate talks run the risk of letting the issue slip under the radar once again. When the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meets with world leaders at the Conference of Parties (COP21) at the end of this month, they will deliberate on whether to include shipping in the agreement. Read More.
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