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There's a lot of things that seem obvious after they've been done, but it takes committed people to get the ball rolling."
Sir Richard Branson, Founder Carbon War Room

Operation Sponsors

Carbon War Room works across many sectors to zero in on the market failures preventing climate change solutions achieving scale. If a particular sector interests you or your organization (either one we are currently active, or one you think we should be), then please get in touch. There will be opportunities to be educated by, and educate, the best in the world at what they do – making gigaton-scale impact in an area you and we care about.

Research Sponsors

The Research and Intelligence team seeks compelling and profitable market-based solutions to reduce green house gas emissions around the globe. To do this our research team looks at a variety of sectors and technologies. In each of these sectors we ask the question, do the technological solutions exist? Are these solutions profitable for people and their environment? Are their clearly identifiable market failures that can addressed? The research and intelligence team explore these solutions in a coordinated way with key players from around the world. We have a strong focus on results, which we define as significant actions taken as a consequence of our research.

Event Sponsors

Creating Climate Wealth is a unique series of global conferences where executives, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators identify opportunities to increase capital flow to low carbon technologies. Expert groups form around a variety of sectors with a highly interactive agenda. Supporting partners can benefit from anything between gaining exposure to the latest entrepreneurial solutions to testing out new ideas and increasing visibility amongst an influential target audience. Event sponsors can help identify, shape and lead working tracks, while also gaining priority access to the opportunities that follow.


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