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"The future is about us; it's about every one of us exercising our true leadership potential."
Boudewijn Poelmann, Co-Founder, Dutch Postcode Lottery


The Founders Circle is an exclusive group of up to 15 leading entrepreneurs from around the world who understand the scale of transformational change that a sustainable future will require. It provides the core funding that allows the Carbon War Room to achieve its mission and implement scalable solutions to address climate change.

Founders of the Carbon War Room are uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of interesting opportunities for new business models. We expose our founders to innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share similar values. New founders become party to a small group of highly successful and intelligent leaders, led by Sir Richard Branson, with a common focus on catalytic change.

View our current founders here.

Become A Founder

The Carbon War Room is looking for new founders to join the Founders Circle. Each founder's commitment constitutes the core funding of the Carbon War Room, of which the first 60% covers staff and related costs. The remaining 40% is used to seed the new operations as they are identified. If you are interested in becoming a founder, please contact us here.

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