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Help implement the change you want to see – join the Carbon War Room today and become part of our growing network.

“I have described Carbon as one of the greatest threats to the ongoing prosperity of our planet; but we must also see it as one of the greatest wealth generating opportunities of our generation. Too often I hear commentators describe the battle against climate change as though there has to be a choice between growth and reducing our carbon output. This is wrong. Many of the fast growing businesses of the next decade will be in providing the fuels of the future and the technologies to clean up and power our economies.

We set up the Carbon War Room in response to a frustration at the way the international climate treaties were struggling to find a way forward. From the outside it appeared impossible to find a tangible way for business to play a leading role. So together with my fellow founding partners, we set up a new type of non-profit to stir up thought and most importantly action to reduce our carbon output at scale by billion ton or gigaton.

We know we don’t have anywhere near all the answers yet and that’s why we need you to join the Carbon War Room and see if you can help. Maybe you are an entrepreneur struggling for finance, a business leader looking for new ideas and technology or a government official looking for partners to help implement the changes you want to see in your backyard.

Time is of the essence. We are facing what could be the greatest threat or the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes. We can choose the path of opportunity if we work together and focus. If we don’t move on this, mother nature will force us to and the costs to our society and the planet will be huge.”

Sir Richard Branson
Founder, Carbon War Room

Our work brings together entrepreneurs, technology experts, financiers, and action-oriented government leaders to accelerate capital flow to entrepreneurial climate change solutions. 100 percent of your donation will directly fund our efforts, in our strategic alliance with Rocky Mountain Institute.
There is no Planet B™
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